The following are free audio (MP3) recordings to guide your personal practice – the files may take a little time to download but you will then have instant access to the files.

Alternatively – with internet access you can choose to stream the audio.

guided asana

Use the guided asana flow practice recordings below to support your personal yoga practice at home.

If you have a timer, use this for your savasana (relaxation) time at the end of the practices to get the most benefit.

Stay as long as you are able to reap the rewards of a commitment to personal practice.



Take the time to practice these simple pranayama practices to guide you as you:

  • develop full yogic breath
  • learn to truly use your breath to cultivate mental clarity and focus
  • develop strategies to create calm, relaxation and restful sleep


All you need is a comfortable seat / blanket / bolster / cushion 

Relax, restore, renew

guided relaxation & meditation

Use the guided relaxation and yoga nidra recordings below to take some time for self care, restoration and recovery from the stresses that can arise in your day-to-day life.

You will need to be somewhere quiet and comfortable to minimise distraction from physical discomfort. Make sure your body is supported, warm and comfortable to reap the benefits of true relaxation and guided meditation.